SAPACS Gala Concert – 50 Years of Festivals (click here for photos)

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(09) 238 5861

The South Auckland Performing Arts Competitions Festival is a major event on the Region’s Arts Calendar. It is one of the biggest festivals run under the umbrella of the Performing Arts Competitions Association of New Zealand.

Please note that there will be a gala concert to celebrate our 50th year of competitions – our Golden Jubilee. It will be held on Sunday 3 August at 2.30pm at the Pukekohe Town Hall. Each adjudicator at this year’s festival will be asked to recommend performers/groups to take part to showcase the various ages and areas of the festival. We are also delighted to announce the presentation of the “TopNotch Engraving (Pukekohe) Golden Jubilee Trophy” which will move around the sections and is to be awarded for “Most Entertaining Junior Performer”. This trophy will go hand-in-hand with the Lions Trophy which is awarded to the most outstanding senior performer and also moves around the various sections.


Our supporters (in no particular order)


Friends of SAPACS
Kelly Gillingham
Amber Carvajal
Milla Hasselbach
Alina & Abella Wang
Coral Bognuda
Mrs MC Moore
Nicola Reynolds
Ashley Chan
Imogen Bunting
Eleanor Fanning
The Briggs Family
Morgan Carroll
J’aimee Hawkings
Hannah Stewart
Claudia Sayers
Piper & Stella Byers
Isabelle Fox
Lydia MacNeil
Mrs Hilliard
Lynda Fleming
Briar Taylor
Ava Duggan
Sarah Shanahan
Brooke Wisnewski
Adam Zhao
Philip Johnstone
Shin-Hee Jun
Charlotte McDonald
Tiffany Chee
Danielle Wright
Oliver Tsui
Alice Hall
Sophia Chiang
Varya Pavlova
William Chen
Juliana Guanhe
Gem Brink
Jifei Shao
Arianna Jaggard
Dane Head
Groovit (Hip Hop Dance School)
Charlotte Healey

Advertisers – Please support those businesses who support us!
Ziggy Chan (Dental), Papakura
Draper Academy of Dance, Pukekohe
Carlielle Kitchens, Pukekohe
Easy Store, Pukekohe
KBB Music, Auckland
Top Notch (Engraving & Book Exchange)
Helen O’Grady Drama Academy
South Auckland Marine, Takanini
Love to Learn, Pukekohe
Franklin Long Roofing, Pukekohe
Pizza Box, Pukekohe & Papakura
Specsavers, Pukekohe
IRMT (Registered Music Teachers)
Mocca Café, Pukekohe
Prestige Promotions (Gina Sanders)
McDonalds Family Restaurant
John Walker Music, Papakura
Findlays Dry Cleaners, Pukekohe
Liddells Pharmacy, Pukekohe
Pukekohe South Doctors

Major sponsors of SAPACS ($50 or more in sponsorship and advertising)
Bruce & Jessie Pulman
The Hall Family
Draper Academy of Dance/The Yarr Family
Williams Family (the late Dorothy Wiseman)
IRMT (Reg. Music Teachers, Auckland)
Dawn Hutson (Dorothy Walker)
McDonald’s Family Restaurant Pukekohe
Anonymous Festival Supporter
Phil & Delia Cook
Stockman Contractors
Marie Morrison
Janice Webb
The McDowall Family/Majors ‘n’ Minors
The Fullerton Family
Murray Guy
Marilyn Ryan
South Auckland Choral Society
Mary Laing & the Phillips Family
The Bray Family
Franklin Long Roofing
South Auckland Marine Takanini
Gowan Brae Valley Studios/Gina Sanders
Pukekohe South Doctors
Lydia MacNeil & family
Top Notch (Engraving & Book Exchange)
The Meyer Family
Easy Store Pukekohe
Findlay’s Dry Cleaning
The Croudis Bonniface Family
Leslee Blackmore
John Walker Music Papakura
KBB Music Auckland
Patricia Appleton
Jean Phillpotts
Liddells Pharmacy Pukekohe
Specsavers Pukekohe
Ziggy Chan (Dental)
Helen O’Grady Drama Academy
Love to Learn Pukekohe
The Webster Family
Pukekohe Lions
Carlielle Kitchens Pukeohe
Mocca Café Pukekohe
Mandy Knights
The Gardner Family
Pizza Box Pukekohe & Papakura
The Pilcher Family
Robin Nation
P & R Jarrett
The O’Brien Family